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Commercial use vehicles come in all shapes and sizes Sedans, Utes, Trucks, Prime Movers, Portable Plant & Equipment, Trailers & other registered vehicles.

A Commercial Motor Vehicle & Fleet insurance policy is designed to cover all your business vehicles under the same policy against Own Vehicle Damage/Loss including theft and accidents, as well as Legal Liability and legal costs for third-party property damage or bodily injury. 

Some of the benefits available within a Commercial Motor & Fleet insurance policy are:

  • Automatic cover for Additions & Deletions of vehicles in the policy

  • Excess Free Windscreen cover

  • Hire Vehicle Costs Following an Accident & Theft

  • Sign Writing repair or replacement

  • Personal Effects & Tools

  • Choice of Own Repairer

  • Replacement of Keys & Locks

  • Removal of Debris

Contact the team at ASCOT to get an alternative quote on your Commercial Motor Vehicles.


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