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Allow Ascot Insurance Group to help your business reduce the risks of claims against your organisation using professional indemnity insurance. We will work with you to best understand your business to craft a policy that works to address the specific risks you face. A single negligence claim could lead to your business shutting down if you do not have the proper insurance to cover those financial losses.

Today, the cost of claims continues to rise, putting businesses at an increased risk of facing financial pitfalls and losses due to these claims. Even if your company has never had any claim related to these risks, that could happen tomorrow, putting your business at risk as a direct result. Eliminate those risks by getting a quality policy in place today.

Do You Need Professional Indemnity Coverage? 

Let us provide professional indemnity insurance advice. Not all companies need or benefit from this type of coverage. Those who do face increasing risks will see claims made against them. Though once reserved for professionals in limited industries, today, this type of insurance may prove vitally important in many additional industries.

Our team will provide a fair and honest evaluation to determine if your business could benefit from professional indemnity insurance. If so, we will help you select the right coverage to suit your business needs. Expect exceptional support and guidance from our team as we work to address your ongoing needs.


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