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If you have a small to medium sized private company, you could be protected by management liability insurance that covers claims from a wide range of management liabilities, such as; directors and officers liability, company reimbursement, employment practices liability, Statutory Fines & Penalties, Occupational Health & Safety Defence costs and much more.

The Management Liability policy with this insurance is designed to cover a business's Directors & Officers against a wrongful act committed during the course of your business operations.

Below is a brief explanation on each of the key sections of cover within a Management Liability policy: 


Directors & Officers Liability 

Covering the directors & responsible officers personally against actions arising from their negligence whilst performing their duties in respect to the various state and federal acts like the Corporations Act, Occupational Health & Safety Act, Fair Work Act, Trade Practices Act etc


Company Liability               

Covering the business entity against alleged negligence from the various federal and state acts & laws


Employment Practices Liability

Covering the business against actions brought against it from employment disputes i.e. unfair dismissal, sexual harassment, workplace bullying, failure to promote, racial discrimination etc.


Employee Fraud/Crime            

Covering the business against the financial loss arising from theft,  embezzlement, misappropriation of funds etc by an employee of the company.


Statutory Fines & Penalties     

Covers the company & its directors or responsible officers against statutory fines and penalties which may be imposed due to their negligent actions whilst performing their duties.


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