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Corporate Business Travel insurance is specifically designed for Businesses, and is an Annual Policy.

Being an annual policy, it covers all Directors & Employees whilst on business trips interstate and overseas.

A key additional benefit of the policy is that it will also cover the Directors (and their accompanying spouse and dependant children) for their Personal Leisure/Holiday trips Interstate or Overseas.

This policy offers one of the broadest and highest levels of Travel Insurance cover available for costs related to medical treatments, emergency evacuations, flight cancellations and lost luggage. Without many of the usual restrictions and exclusions placed on regular travel policies.

With annual premiums starting from $800, it is a very convenient insurance policy for all businesses.

Some of the key policy features are:

  • Covers Directors and employees.

  • Automatically extends to cover the leisure/holiday travel of the directors, accompanying spouse and their dependent children.

  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions are included if at the time of departure the person is fit to travel following confirmation from a Medical Practitioner. Most policies exclude pre-existing Medical Conditions unless applied for and an extra premium is paid.

  • Covers expenses for medical treatments & consultations, emergency evacuation, flight cancellations and lost luggage.

  • Nil excess (except for $250 excess on damage or loss of Electronic Equipment only)

  • Additional or Cancellation Costs relating to contracting COVID before or during travel are covered. 


If you would like a quote on Corporate Business Travel insurance then please contact us. 


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